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Today, I’m excited to finally announce a new side project I’ve been working on for quite a while.

To be more precise, this will be our new side project that we’ll be working on in the future.

Please welcome fabulous.community, a brand new message board for everything related to retro-computing, and the contents of this website. Yes, my initial idea was to find a way to make comments on the articles published here easier than sending me an e-mail.

Since just adding a comment section would be way too easy (and boring), I thought about… well, more engagement.

So, here it is.

While many communities use instant messaging and chat services, niche topics like the cursed computing stuff well beyond any mainstream stuff benefit from a slower-paced message board. Oh, and it provides some essential features like proper search functionality and a way to access and archive the content published here in the future!

I created a comment section in the sub-forum dedicated to this website for my most important articles and already linked the “comment sections” to the website.

For the next couple of weeks, the Building a fabulous.community forum will be the most important place for the entire project since this is where I’d like to collect everything that matters to you.

Registrations are open, so please take a seat!

Do you have any comments or suggestions regarding this article? Feel free to join the discussion at our fabulous.community!